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Windsong #10

Windsong #10

Windsong #10

This was the first mobile I ever made, and it was done largely to prove that it was possible. Not only was it possible, it is breath-taking. Each of the pieces of wood is fascinating, lined and twisted piece. Each of the pieces of wood has its own unique glass arrangement. The pieces all turn and rotate below the flying-bird head piece. If you are interested in owning this piece, please contact me so we can negotiate a price with the shipping. It is very large, and heavy, so shipping will be costly. It will also need a place where it can move and turn freely. If you are interested in having a mobile created for you, they start at $250 and go up from there. So contact me with the size of the piece you are looking for, your price range, and any other particulars. We can probably work something out.

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Dimensions: Big - measurements to come
Glass: Many, count to come
Beads: Many, count to come

Price: $2000

Price shown does not include shipping.

Dimensions do not include the hanger, just the piece itself - width and height. If scale is needed, the visible business card is a standard-size business card.

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