Robin's WindSongs

Windsong #95

Windsong #95
The glass in this piece hangs from a delicate looking piece of wood, with beautiful visible grain (you may need to see the larger image to see the detail of the grain), but it is quite sturdy. The long piece of glass in the middle is shown on edge, it is much wider than it appears. The color shades range from pale to dark tans and browns. This piece produces a combination of higher and lower tones. Due to the wood grain and the glass colors, it has been dubbed A Grain of Tan.

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Dimensions: 14" wide by 8.75" high
Glass: 9
Beads: 31

Price: $45

Price shown does not include shipping.

Dimensions do not include the hanger, just the piece itself - width and height. If scale is needed, the visible business card is a standard-size business card.

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