Robin's WindSongs

Windsong #98

Windsong #98
One morning while on vacation, I discovered that someone had stolen all of my cash. I was quite distressed as it was a loss I could ill afford. When I sat down to work on the Windsongs that day (an activity guaranteed to make me feel better), I took all the dark feelings of violation and betrayal and turned them into this beautiful, dark, rich-colored piece. The glass is deep reds and purples. I felt much better by the time I had it finished.

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Dimensions: 13" wide by 7" high
Glass: 7
Beads: 28

Price: $35

Price shown does not include shipping.

Dimensions do not include the hanger, just the piece itself - width and height. If scale is needed, the visible business card is a standard-size business card.

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